It is our aim to prevent and eliminate accidents and injuries in all aspects of our business.


As an operating entity working in the oil and gas industry, we always put the safety of our people first. It is our aim to prevent and eliminate accidents and injuries in all aspects of our business. This is an ambitious goal, but we are confident we can succeed.

Proper training and internal/external auditing are vital in keeping our employees performing everyday duties at such a high level of safety.

Health & Safety

Health & safety is an integral element of operational risk management. We aim to enhance our H&S management system through the development of a safety culture focused on training and learning. Safety regulations and equipment cannot be fully effective if staff do not understand their importance, so it is essential to develop a strong safety culture.


Safety research and development is paramount in creating viable procedures for safe, efficient transloading. This is why IronEdge Resources uses a double-redundancy high-pressure and high-level alarm system to warn pump operators and transloaders of overfilling or pressure issues which can lead to a spill.

Each of our loading meters comes with an extremely versatile PTA gangway platform which allows us to access the top of a railcar to safely monitor pressure and disconnect/connect equipment when required.

Intelligent Loading Software

TransTech Solutions intelligent loading software allows us to safely and accurately load railcars up to 99% capacity with infinitesimal chance of human error. It also provides visual warning of uninspected railcars, damaged railcars, partially filled and complete railcars ensuring that everyone onsite is up to date and informed before loading.

All vehicles, meters, equipment, and property requiring preemptive maintenance are tracked using an internal computer monitoring program to ensure all of our assets are properly maintained and within expectable inspection dates.

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